Diabetes Check ups


Sometimes, diabetes can cause problems to your vision. You should get your eyes checked every year to make sure your eyes are healthy.

If you have diabetes, your eyes are at risk from diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can lead to sight loss if it's not treated.

This eye screening involves a separate check to the normal sight test to examine the back of the eyes and is a way of detecting the condition early so it can be treated more effectively. Please contact your GP for more information.

See NHS Choices for more information, including 2 videos that explain what happens when you go for diabetic eye screening. Click on the web links below to take you to the web site pages:

1/ Diabetic eye screening - Ellie's eyes

2/ Diabetic retinopathy screening


If diabetes isn’t managed properly, it could damage your nerves and blood vessels. This can make you lose feeling in your feet.

You should check your feet for cuts, sores and blisters regularly and talk to your doctor or nurse if you notice any problems. You should get them checked every year by your diabetes team too.

See NHS Choices for more information and click on the web link below to take you to the web site page:

NHS Choices - Diabetes – Foot care


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