What is non-emergency patient transport?

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) is provided for patients who are being transferred to and from hospital or other medical appointments and are :-

  • Patients with a medical need for transport
  • Escorts for patients who have a medical need for an escort.


Who can use NEPT services?

You must be registered with either a Shropshire or Telford and Wrekin GP Practice.  Non-emergency patient transport is provided for patients who need to travel to and from NHS healthcare appointments, who have a medical condition that prevents them from using other forms of transport. It is not available to people who want transport for financial or social reasons.


What are the eligibility criteria?

When you come to book your NEPT service, you will be asked a short set of questions to assess your eligibility for transport. This will help to ensure fair and consistent access to the service. If following these questions you are eligible for the NEPT service, transport will be arranged for you.


Who is the provider of NEPT in Shropshire and Telford?

Medical Services will provide NEPT for patients who meet the national eligibility criteria and are registered with a GP in Shropshire or Telford and Wrekin


Am I automatically eligible for this service if I have used it before?

You are not automatically eligible even if you have used this service before. A patient's eligibility to  qualify for NEPT is based on medical need and is taken from national Department of Health guidance. 


Can I use these services with a friend or family member?

In most circumstances, patients use these services on their own. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule, for example, a parent is able to travel with a child and a carer or health professional can travel with someone who has a learning disability or a mental illness.


How do I book non-emergency patient transport?

If you would like to book this service for yourself, a relative or friend, please call Medical Services on 01743 762650.


What are the opening times of the transport booking service and when is the service available?

The office is open 24hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


If I’m not eligible for patient transport, what are the alternatives?

If you’re not eligible to use this service, there are a number of options available to you, including using public transport, asking friends or family if they are able to take you, or taking advantage of community transport. More information can be found on your local council’ website.

If you live in Shropshire visit or telephone (0345) 6789000

If you live in Telford visit or telephone (01952) 380000                      

If you can’t afford to pay to travel to and from healthcare appointments, you might be able to claim under the NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme.


What do I do if I disagree with the decision?

If you are told that you aren’t eligible for non-emergency patient transport but you think that you are, please call Medical Services.


What happens if I live in Wales but I am registered with a Shropshire GP?

If you are registered with a GP in Shropshire or Telford and Wrekin, you are entitled to use NEPT if you have a medical condition that prevents you from using other forms of transport.


What happens if I have access to a car but the treatment I am having means I will be unable to drive?

If the nature of the treatment means you will be unable to travel home independently, then you may qualify for NEPT if your friends or relatives cannot assist you.