Self Care and Support - Aims

To help patients have opportunities for ongoing learning, Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (Shropshire CCG) are planning to gradually provide help to access some local and / or national information and advice websites for some of the Long Term Conditions, including details of local county Peer Support / Self-Help Groups that are available.

The aim is to provide 3 services as follows:

  • For patients, relatives and carers.

Provide website page links to some support via education material and relevant help including Peer Support / Self-Help Groups for Long Term Conditions across the county that are listed on the Shropshire Council Community Directory. This will help patients to understand actions they can take to help manage their condition(s).

  • For clinicians.

To help direct patients, relatives and carers to website page links.

  • Care Plans (Wellbeing Plans).

A Wellbeing Plan has been developed locally with patients and health and social care colleagues to help you manage your health day to day.

Everyone who has a long term condition can take part in making their care plan. It helps to assess what care you need and how it will be provided.

These can be found via the website links and allows a patient to add their own personalised details to their own copy, where desired.

Wellbeing Plan (Care Plan) - Information

Wellbeing Plan (Care Plan) - Document Sections


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Wellbeing Plan (Care Plan)

Wellbeing Plan (Care Plan) - Information

Wellbeing Plan (Care Plan) - Document Sections