How to access help and advice if you are experiencing domestic abuse

Shropshire CCG recognises the impact domestic abuse can have upon a person. If a child is living in an environment where they are exposed to domestic abuse, involving the adults in their life, this is considered to be a form of child abuse and a referral to COMPASS must be made. This can be made to the Shropshire Council First Point of Contact Team on 03456789 021 or call out of hours on 03456789 040.

Domestic abuse is also an adult safeguarding matter in cases where the person in question has care and support needs (Care Act 2014). This would also require a referral to the First Point of Contact Team.

There are some circumstances that would warrant a more immediate response, if a serious crime has been committed or if someone needs urgent or immediate help. In these cases, ringing the emergency services on 999 may be the right response.

In addition, Shropshire Community Safety Partnership also commissions the Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS) to provide help to people experiencing domestic abuse. This may range from coercive or controlling behaviour – which in itself is a crime - to violence or (less obvious, but potentially serious) psychological abuse.

In addition to operating refuge accommodation, SDAS also offers outreach support and telephone advice. Please click of on their logo below to access its website, which has details of the support on offer and how to access it.