Tips for living with dementia

  • Write yourself notes, a timetable or a diary to help you remember things. Consider possibly starting a life history book with friends and family.
  • Keep useful numbers by the phone in large easily readable print and programme them into your handset.
  • Calendars or diaries should be large, with the date and time, am and pm.
  • Get a newspaper delivered every day to remind you of the day or date.
  • Wipe on/off boards can be helpful for writing down daily tasks or appointments.
  • Label your cupboards or drawers so you can find things easily.
  • Keep keys, purses, bags or wallets in the same place which is labelled.
  • Install gas detectors and fire alarms if you don’t already have them.
  • Make a memory box or book of your favourite things or photographs. Photographs around the home with names attached may also be useful.
  • Try establishing a good daily routine and continue to socialise with family and friends.
  • Continue with those everyday activities which you enjoy by yourself or with family or friends.
  • Try to keep physically active with activities such as walking, swimming, gardening or gentle exercises.
  • Gardening, baking, puzzles, arts and crafts, reading or writing are all great ways to keep your brain active.
  • Make time for rest & relaxation. Listening to soothing music or enjoying a massage or aromatherapy may be helpful.
  • Consider breaking down everyday tasks into a series of simpler steps to follow.
  • Try to have a healthy varied diet.

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