Treatment for IBD

To help you manage your symptoms, there are a range of treatments available including medication and several new treatments are being researched.

The main aims of treatment are to reduce symptoms, known as inducing remission to create a period without symptoms and then maintaining remission for as long as possible by trying to prevent a further flare up.

Free prescriptions are not normally available but a pre-payment arrangement may help reduce the cost. For more information, click on the web link below for NHS Choices, which is the main patient focused web site for the National Health Service (NHS):

NHS Choices - Help with health costs

If you have frequent flare-ups that have a significant effect on your quality of life, or you have a particularly severe flare-up that isn't responding to medication, surgery may be an option.

Your treatment will usually be provided by a range of healthcare professionals, including specialist doctors (such as gastroenterologists or surgeons), GP’s, nurses and dieticians. 


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