Who We Are

Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group is a ‘membership organisation’.

The membership consists of the 43 GP Practices that serve the county’s population. This means the family doctors (GPs), and the other health professionals who work in our practices, such as nurses, are members of the CCG. We are the people within the NHS that you, have most direct contact with and we have the most knowledge about your healthcare needs.

Most of our board members continue to work in general practice while dedicating part of their working week to the CCG.

We are backed by a team of dedicated and skilled managers at the CCG. We also work closely with other local NHS organisations as well as partners such as Shropshire Council and the voluntary sector.

We are also looking for as much involvement as possible from Shropshire patients and members of the public. We are committed to providing opportunities for you to have your say, in the knowledge that your opinions will be listened to and acted upon. Please visit the Have Your Say section for information about how you can get involved.



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